06-02-81 -- 04-20-06

WE ARE THE MUSIC MAKERS AND WE ARE THE DREAMERS OF DREAMS. Family and friends mourn the loss of bass-baritone, composer, teacher, and much loved Robert Samels, who died in a plane crash on April 20, 2006.
The days pass, the world goes on, and yet there is a presence missing in our lives. Robert, you were a powerful force. What music you would have created and joy you would have brought in these past few years What a loss for your family and friends and for the music world. "ALAS FOR THOSE WHO NEVER SING BUT DIE WITH ALL THEIR MUSIC IN THEM."-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Check out music from Robert's folk side at http://cdbaby.com/cd/robertclaytonsamels You can listen to samples or purchase/download individual tracks or an entire cd's worth of mp3 files. We welcome your comments, messages, photos and remembrances; please leave them on this site's guestbook. We treasure every one of them. Thank you.

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